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Shadowmere Online Massively Mutliplayer Web Game

Starving for some strategy? Compete with thousands of players in a universe full of orcs, elves, ogres, and other fantasy races. Use your diplomacy, cunning and taste for violence to achieve world domination in Shadowmere!
Shadowmere Classic Home Page

This is a strategy game where the focus is on player interaction, and is set in a fantasy themed world. The game focuses on interaction between players and lacks any graphics or sounds as they aren't necessary to play the game. If that sounds dumb, think of this game as a forum, only there is a lot more to do besides make posts, there is an entire game world with thousands of players attempting to become the most powerful rulers of their kingdom... and if you like to chat on forums, well, you'll probably find this kind of game highly addictive once you get past the learning stages.

A little history of the game.... seriously outdated

Shadowmere is the current form of a game I originally created called Forgotten World, naturally it's retarded to name a game with a fantasy theme Forgotten World because that's what everyone else will name their fantasy game too... but that's what I did. This is the first Java game I built and the first version of it appeared around September 1997.

The original game consisted of an applet instead of using web pages to display the game information, and as crazy as it might sound, some people preferred that form of the game and Crowz (aka Pathfinder) chose to maintain a copy currently known as Narmir. The interface is pretty much exactly as I left it last time I worked on it, which isn't necessarily pretty, Java was young and I was trying to work around a lot of issues with different browsers and well, some of the things I did were just wrong no matter what... but I did them anyway. Many changes have been made to the server and the game play has been adjusted by making changes to the server, I don't keep tabs on the changes though.

At some point I decided to change the game to use SQL for it's data storage, and for some reason thought making the game HTML based instead of applet based was a good idea too, that involved building the game from scratch which took about two months, the game was better and improved in many ways... I continued to improve on the game and make changes until Puma Systems made an offer on the game, the timing was great for me in many ways for me so I sold the game for a pile of money, though Puma Systems eventually hit some hard times and ended up returning ownership of the game to me so that it could live on, after a short time running a now outdated copy of the game (because I was familiar with it and Puma had made a lot of changes to the inner workings of the game) Jackie and Sunna offered to maintain the most current Puma version of the game as they had already become familiar with that version of the games code while Puma Systems ran the game. The players rejoiced, or maybe they groaned about it I'm not really sure, but they would definitely have rejoiced if I had any say in the matter.

A bunch more history happens here, I'm just going to call this the dark ages of the game, I may post details at some point but for now let's just say that while I appreciate the game existed I regret that I had not stepped back in after Jackie and Sunna retired.

Shadowmere Classic is a relaunch of the classic game I created, but as always with new features and improvements.