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This ain't your mommas breakout!

WARNING: It's strongly recommended that you save any work you may have open and close any extra programs, 3D Breakout can lock up some machines on exit. As I find time I will be re-writing large portions of this game but until then, play at your own risk. Game instructions below.

Click here to start the game.

The menus: You can navigate the menus using the arrow keys, enter and escape, or you can use the mouse. When in the menus the left mouse button acts as the enter key and the right mouse button acts like the escape key (canceling or exitting the menu). How to play: Playing 3D Breakout is much like the 2D games in the genre before it. Your job is to get your paddle (the big white circle) in front of the ball, and eventually knock out all the bricks.

Controlling the ball: The most basic skill you need to learn to play well is to get your ball to go where you want it, to accomplish this you intentially have the ball hit the edges of your paddle. Unlike the classic games of this genre, when the ball hits your paddle it won't suddenly stop and go in a different direction, instead if the ball is moving to the right and you hit the ball on the left, the balls movement will be adjusted so that it's moving less right or if the ball is moving slow enough it will move left. Getting the gravity paddle will change this behavior, once you have the gravity paddle the balls momentum will be stopped when it hits the paddle and will be launched off the paddle based on where it hit the paddle. If it hits the left edge of the paddle the ball will move left when you click the mouse button to release it.